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2012 NEWS: Interested in seeing what this is all about, and joining us for a weekend? "The Soldier's Experience" offers that chance!


The 116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry is a non-profit organization located primarily in western Oregon, though we have members in central Oregon and California as well.  The club is made up of a diverse group of people who strive to keep American history alive by reenacting Civil War events circa 1863. There are actually three units represented by members of our club, and we are the home unit for the Oregon Fife and Drum Corps as well as many civilian members.

116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. B: Part of the famous Irish Brigade, the 116th fought in the eastern theater of the war. This is our military impression for battle reenactments, most parades and school demonstrations.

54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (Colored), Co. H: This was the first colored unit to be approved by the U.S. War Department, and was organized in 1863.  As a reenacting unit, this is also the first colored unit on the west coast.

4th California Volunteer Infantry, Co. D: The unit was garrisoned at Fort Hoskins from 1861-1866.  We portray this unit for local events, including living history at the fort.

If you are interested in joining our organization, or have questions about upcoming events, please email a Recruiting Officer: Mark Stevens at CoBCorp@aol.com or John Baker at john@nedbaker.com

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